Technical Support & Cyber Security

Before becoming a web developer, I had a career as an electrical engineer. I am very approachable and will communicate with you in a way to match your level of understanding.

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Technical Support & Cyber Security

I have worked with customers from all walks of life with varying levels of technical experience.

I have an eye for detail and undertake meticulous testing and analysis of the many permutations visitors to websites may go through to make an enquiry or purchase.

The websites I develop undergo extensive testing before launch. After launch, I provide website training and generate user credentials for the site owner.

Should a problem arise, I am committed to providing the highest degree of support and advice to my customers. I am never more than a phone call or email away and happy to help should you need advice or get into trouble.

I have vast technical knowledge and understanding, so you can rest assured you are in good hands.

In addition to website development, I also provide expert advice on cyber security. Whether you need guidance on securing your website, understanding the latest threats, or implementing best practices to protect your data, I am here to help. You can find more tips and insights on my blog at Chill Cyber Security.

I offer bespoke support packages tailored to the needs of the project and client. As each website is unique, and individuals’ technical knowledge and experience vary, some may opt to leave it to the experts to maintain and support your site.

My support packages can include updating WordPress, server maintenance, applying security patches, updating PHP versions, and providing off-site backups for your website. Moreover, I can assist with cyber security measures, ensuring your website is protected against potential threats.

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I will showcase your products, services, values, and branding through an informative, user-friendly, and interactive experience.

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